January 3, 2012

i am alive in 2012

Well happy belated new year to you and my one follower. My holidays were pretty dim. I worked all of Christmas and that really sucked ass. And even though I gave everyone a list of six items, not one of them got bought. Why bother with lists then I ask?!

I lost my only address book amidst my mess so I randomly picked people out of the phone book (that I knew) and sent them my annual Yuletide Greetings. I wasn't impressed with the outcome of what I received though. It all seemed so forced. Like I sent you something and in return I got one back. It's not supposed to be like that.

So my upstairs neighbors are moving at the end of this month. Just across the street and a little bit over. Close enough but not really. I adore their year old daughter... she turns 2 in July. I work with her mom but her dad... yikes. I got full wind of his mental/verbal/emotional abuse just a few weeks ago. Reminded me of ME and my awful past some 22 years ago with my very own psycho.

Last night the little two foot girlie girl knocked at my door. What a sweet surprise that was! And I will truly truly miss that little face. Yeah sure I'll see her every so often but not like I have this past 365 days.

Eh life goes on.
Happy 2012.