May 7, 2011

t.v. viewing pleasure.

On National Geographic Channel tonight from around 4pm to 11pm I watched a marathon of Osama bin Laden's "10 Years of Terror." bin Laden gave out clues/hints and then TOLD US Military and others via video taped speeches that he was going to take down the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the Capitol, Seattle's Needle and Chicago's Sears Tower. And no one believed him. And he was living in that compound for the past FIVE YEARS!!!!

I hope Americans are awake now!!!! He may be dead but he has thousands if not millions of followers. It is ALL pretty sick and disturbing.

Part of the marathon also reshowed countless of eye witnesses from 9/11 when the Towers were attacked and all of the other locations too. There I sat, eating sunflowers, watching so intently just like I did 10 years ago in my then townhouse. My heart started to beat fast -- all the while knowing the plot and the horrific ending to what I was watching....10 years ago, I didn't know.... what would happen in the end. Ten years later, it's still awful to watch.

I wonder if people from that day, who were directly involved, are still having nightmares?