August 14, 2011

living life to the fullest

I watched the movie 13 GOING ON 30 last night for like the 200th time and realized how awful I was and treated people poorly only to make myself what I thought was "more popular" and really I was just trying to get ahead I suppose and it all backfired. I wish I knew what I know now and could go back and just be a simple care free kid loving life for all its worth and just be happy to be me.


Cori said...

I realize that I haven't known you "forever", but I really think that you are kind, you're thoughtful, you're compassionate and empathetic, and you try not to treat people poorly. You make many people happy, including your lovely mother! Never doubt yourself, you have a beautiful heart and soul, even though you don't always recognize it.

Missing Matilda said...

I just found your comment now (Sep 27) .. thank you for the nice comment. My awful 23 year old niece told me I was rude, vindictive and will never be allowed to meet her 3 yr old daughter.

Yet children just love me and I love them. And I adore people who are kind and happy and like me for just me.