September 29, 2011

what's your secret?

A facebook chum of mine just posted this thought provoking question about survival: "Everyone's got a secret to their survival. We destroy ourselves, in one way or another, only to be rebuilt again. So.. what's YOUR secret?"

I replied back by saying: "If I share with you and all of facebook, then it will no longer be my secret. I take a lot of time for myself and being by myself to "rebuild" myself when needed be. I take naps, I blog, I play a lot of online scrabble and watching mindless reality shows like Big Brother puts things in perspective for me too. And I always have HOPE. I guess you could say at the age of 44, I am a hopeless and faithful believer that some where "out there" something's got to better than right now, right here in my world. And I pray I will find it sooner than later ♥"

What about you? What's your secret to survival?