September 30, 2011


My day started out with me falling on my face in my dark living room around 6:30AM...walking out to my car and finding the horn possessed and going off with my lights flashing madly....and upon sitting down at my work station, a lovely nose bleed occurred all over my shirt!!! And I picked a pair of very uncomfortable shoes to boot.. making my very bruised left toes hurt even more from nearly falling in face first into the bathtub the evening before. And how is your Friday going???

September 29, 2011

what's your secret?

A facebook chum of mine just posted this thought provoking question about survival: "Everyone's got a secret to their survival. We destroy ourselves, in one way or another, only to be rebuilt again. So.. what's YOUR secret?"

I replied back by saying: "If I share with you and all of facebook, then it will no longer be my secret. I take a lot of time for myself and being by myself to "rebuild" myself when needed be. I take naps, I blog, I play a lot of online scrabble and watching mindless reality shows like Big Brother puts things in perspective for me too. And I always have HOPE. I guess you could say at the age of 44, I am a hopeless and faithful believer that some where "out there" something's got to better than right now, right here in my world. And I pray I will find it sooner than later ♥"

What about you? What's your secret to survival? 

September 28, 2011

i want to be my own boss

Today I made a wish that in a couple of years I will no longer be working for the MAN and just be working for ME and my art business. I'm tired of working with immature tattlers. I hope you're doing well and not getting called to the Principal's office because someone doesn't like your SIGHing. And you're doing it TOO LOUDLY!
Can you actually believe a grown ass woman walked into my supervisor's office and had the gall to tell her I << sigh >> too loudly for her??? Who the fuck does this shit??? I told my boss that I wasn't aware I knew how to "sigh." 
Oh and this same person doesn't "get my" sarcasm. But we all get hers. 
In the moment (as in now) I've been getting ready for the upcoming craft fair season which starts this weekend thru the week before Christmas. Two of my nice coworkers were very interested in asking me questions about how I prepare... the type of paintings I do, do for the fairs. It was nice to talk to these people about what I do with my art work when I'm not selling them on facebook or my art website. 
... and I joined the local Catholic church last Saturday. I hadn't been to church for a good 13 years. Sure I've gone to weddings and funerals but not on my own, on purpose, gotten in my car to drive to a Catholic church and waste an hour of my life that I know I'll never get back... to sit through a Sunday service. Again on purpose.
I saw the movie THE HELP this past weekend too. Not only did I cry throughout the entire moving flick but I just felt the need to belong to something that matters. I told my very religious mother and auntie yesterday. But I made them promise that they won't ask me questions about church, they cannot touch me in touch (aka hugging, holding my hand -- during the prayers like they've done in the past to me) and they cannot sit with me. 
Hey, they are MY new CATHOLIC rules and I'm stickin' to them. I said I will go every Saturday night -- when I'm it's not my Saturday to work.... it beats going on Sunday mornings at the awful time of 8:30AM. 
I know I'm crazy for going against all the things I loathe about the Catholic faith but I don't want to join anything other religion. I tried that and every time I was sitting in a pew or a hard chair... I always felt all the Saints (Catholics believe in) and Mother Mary (I still worship her) and all of the Angels were staring down on me disappointed. I know I sound twisted and confused and down right fucked up. But my auntie and mama agreed to my new rules. 
My other new kick is... I want to become an extreme couponer. They say some devote 20hours a week to finding coupons. Every other week I get four and a half days off... usually I spend it shopping or painting or napping... I can sit at my computer and find deals and take them to HyVee or Wally World. I just am tired of paying $70 bucks for 2 bags of hardly any groceries. And I'm a frugal shopper too. I always get home thinking, "why didn't I buy that bag of chocolate?" 
So that's what's on my mind today.

September 16, 2011

i am still here.

Sorry folks but I could NOT recall the email address that I had set up for this blog. I just got off from working a 12 hour shift .. two hours over what I should have been but we were swamped and they needed the help.