November 6, 2011

life in a small town

Things in the village where I live are fine...I do like living in a much smaller town than where I was and only on occasion do I miss the conveniences of places like 24 hours of Wal Mart or Walgreen's....but I don't miss anything else of where I once lived 11 months ago... and just like there, I just stay put. I don't and don't plan on getting involved in anything locally, I like being home. I work long hours and thoroughly enjoy my time off!

I have good neighbors too in my complex and we all help each other out which is nice. The sheriff lives above me but I dont know if that's a good thing or not... when he's not on patrol, he's a doofus and when he's on patrol and brings in some nut... he's not all that professional either... but he's nice to me and that's all that should matter I suppose.

My job is going just okay too.... healthcare is really hard to work in if you are not familiar with it like I am. But I've been there now 10months.... my teeny tiny apartment is driving me nuts's super small and I miss having two bedrooms... my art stuff is still in boxes and scattered in several rooms... so when it's out of sight/out of mind, I don't feel the urge to keep at it. And I should be doing it all the time!

One of our residents just died yesterday and he was the sweetest old man....I did get to say goodbye to him last night even though he wasn't awake to acknowledge me...I told his family I had a lot of fun with him in the last 10months... that's something that I never really thought I'd see a lot... people dying... and I have had my good share of people passing away while I'm at work. My first body bag was really hard to swallow but now I guess I'm "used" to seeing them being wheeled away and down the elevator.

My TV died too. Nothing like our buddy but still it's a loss. Yeah I know, again, not the same.