November 7, 2011

strawberry yogurt

I am still not quite adjusted to the new time of Daylight Savings Time. I personally think this is the dumbest rule ever made up by anyone. I learned Hawaii doesn't even play the game. Nor does Indiana.

My upstairs neighbor and I went to an auction a block from our complex. She was bidding on a really crappy house. She's desperate to move into a house. Any house. She's lived upstairs for close to 7 years I think. Her bid was the highest and at $13,500 she won the house. Her husband was hunting. And I was there to watch their baby girl while the shortest bidding war ever took place. And just like that, she whipped out her checkbook and wrote a check for the $5,000 down payment.

Earlier to the auction, I became aware that I had $165.00 to my entire name. I'm doubtful I will ever have the money to have $5,000 sitting in my own checking account.

I am on my third day off out of four and a half days off. This Saturday is my first craft fair for the season and just today, I figured it was a good idea to start matting and framing some of my paintings that have just been laying around since 2008. I took a break around 12:30PM to motor to a nearby village to meet three really sweet little bears.....Mary Hanna (5), Rocco (3) and Cami (2)....and their Nana. We did an art project that I brought along for them and we had a little tea party.

Upon returning home, I crawled into my pile of pillows and down comforter and snoozed away two more hours. I actually cooked a decent meal to eat and then ate some strawberry yogurt for dessert then spilled a half gallon of water on the floor and now I'm back to my growing art work pile....

It was a sweet day.