November 16, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

I am really not feeling much of anything as of late. Or I should clarify that. I am not really digging my full time gig. Period. I won't bore any one with the details but it ain't all kosher.

And I am on my second week with a massive sinus infection/chest congestion = feeling like shit. Eating wise, bravo on all accounts. Basically a lot of soups and dips. And a few protein fruit smoothies thrown in. For some crazy reason my body is finally reacting properly and I'm shedding more pounds too. I can only tell with clothes I am trying on.

One of my favorite pull on pants ... nice soft material with a drawstring waist. They are grey with great pockets. That one was amazingly oversized on my body. In fact it was so oversized that I could literally pull them up to my boobs and they were still ginormous on me.

Unfortunately, I wore these pants like for the past 4 years every winter. And I loved them. I always thought I look sooooooooooo good in them. But now that I'm a lot smaller and me looking in the mirror with them on ... my only sad sad thought was, "How could I have allowed myself to get that large and not even care."

I am happy to say I know I will never be that way again. But I still feel like shit and coughing up a lung.

PS: I am sporting a sweatshirt from my alma mater that I last wore in 2001.