April 26, 2011

it didn't even hurt

This morning I had my very first mammogram done at the hospital where I work. I was fearing all these horror stories of how my poor boobs were going to feel and shockingly enough, nothing hurt. At. All. I had zero pain and I was wondering what the fuss was all about !!?! Kind of like when I had my colonoscopy done on March 14th... the prep work was literally a piece of cake. I actually LOVED the mixture I had to drink with my orange Gatorade. And my boob thing was over in 15 minutes. I had more anxiety while trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep.

And now I sit. In the dark. With the fan on. And I'm wiped out. I spent from Friday night to yesterday evening at my mom's house.... catching up on lost sleep and doing 43 book markers for the little second graders in Yankton who will be going through first holy communion.

I thought about going to Yankton today but I have no gumption to do anything other than empty my bladder, watch "16 & Pregnant" and plan a long cozy nap.