April 20, 2011

wednesday blahs

Well here I am. Alive. Not sick. Semi-tired but I am here. I'm very late in creating 43 book markers for a commissioned project I said I'd do back in early February. I have two weeks to complete this task and I have no motivation to do it.

On Monday, I spent the afternoon with my mom on her 71st birthday. We went to Vermillion to check out some thrift stores and found that of the THREE there, only two were open. And we really wanted to go to the one that was closed on Mondays. But it was cold and wet and it rained all day long. Then it snowed. Again.

Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing but paid $9 to mail back a box of clothes from Lane Bryant... marked ALL TOO BIG! Yay for me but I wasn't feeling like paying nine bucks on postage either. I did get a nap in and that felt awesome to do. I managed to lounge about on facebook for most of the day and eat crap. Oh and the snow melted much later in the afternoon.

Here I am on Hump Day. I'm already dressed for work (at 2pm) and I'm cold. I will be paying my $86.06 heating bill today (ugh) an outrageous thing to do really. I was pampered for four years at Sutton. My heat was paid in full there. Before that when I owned my townhouse, my heating bill was over $150 every month yet it had 3 floors to heat. So paying $86.06 today for my teeny tiny apartment on one level (the basement level) is just plain idiotic.

Tomorrow I am planning a farewell potluck to the two nursing students we have from USD. We've had them every Thursday since the beginning of January. And both are super sweet and kind and nice and friendly and hard working soon-to-be nurses.

Here's a list of some of things that are bothering me today:

  1. South Dakota cold temps in mid April.
  2. Snow.
  3. Cold rain.
  4. Having to bundle up like an Eskimo to stay warm while sleeping.
  5. My sinuses.
  6. Gum that loses its flavor.
  7. America's Top Model.
  8. And Tyra Banks.
  9. Poop.
  10. And the smell of it.
  11. Working with negative people.
  12. Or people who complain, in general.
  13. Burnt popcorn.
  14. Bad teeth.
  15. Constipation.
  16. The color tan.
  17. Cracked windshields.
  18. Hand lotion that leaves your hands sticky.
  19. Parrots.
  20. Director chairs.
  21. Boxing.
  22. Too small bathtubs.
  23. Valances.
  24. Cheap talk.
  25. Taking out the trash.
  26. Nuns.
  27. Mustaches.
  28. Facial hair in general.
  29. Curtains that don't keep the sun/light out.
  30. Rough toilet paper.
  31. Unsolved true crime cases.
  32. Why the two 14-year-olds in Minnesota committed suicide on April 16th.
Here is #32's disturbing link: