April 10, 2011

misfits unite

Sorry about being MIA .... I've been painting up a storm for commissioned orders and myself. And I've been doing a lot of thinking too about my choices I've made in 2011 so far.

I've been wondering if I made the right choice to move to the hamlet that I am now living in. I thought I'd be saving a lot of money but I'm not. I'm right back to where I was where I moved from.

Poor as a church mouse.

And it sucks. Ass.

However, isn't she, my flaming orange haired misfit, adorable?

She's 16"x20 and is posted right above my bed. Last night I did a smaller version of it --- I made sure I drew arms and gloves --- and she'll go on my locker at work. This brown haired misfit is supposed to be me (hopefully by summer, my hair will be this long and curly)....and this painting is a little larger than 5"x7."

So in the village I moved from, there was a murder there, yesterday. A 28 year old guy shot his 25 year old live in girlfriend at 3AM CST while she was in her car, leaving. He then shot himself in the head. And SURVIVED!!! He's in now in critical condition. What an ass eh? See, the place where I was living, is not known for any major crime except drugs and drunk driving. Crime like this is so pointless. Of course, yes, crime overall, is stupid.

By the way, did anyone catch last night's 48 Hours Mystery, about the Air Cadet Colonnel in Canada?