February 13, 2011

life is good

....I just remembered I had a blog. I've been so busy with working and vegging and trying to figure out what my new apartment needs to remember that I just created a blog last week!!! I got a lot of cool stuff for my new home but I have no ambition to actually unpack it and put it away. Can I just say, I'm lazy.

Yesterday my mom and I took off to hit up some antique stores. We hit up one and stayed for nearly 3 hours. I was so overwhelmed and enthralled with all the treasures from ceiling to floor and two full floors of all the crowned jewels. We had a blast. I left the store with $93.09 worth of great stuff. The owners of the joint, Al & Bertha, were of amazing help. We had Bertha running up and down the stairs every time we turned around and found another smashing deal that we couldn't give up.

Next I headed to the local Dollar Tree and literally went in to buy TWO items and $15 dollars later, carried out two large baggies full of dollar discounts, including two awesome colors of nail polish. Gold and a bright purple. Awesome. Our journey took us next to the grand slam of all stores: Wally World. There I went in to only buy pillow cases for my bed. But $77.87 later...I got a microfiber comforter for $18 (what a deal!!!) and a variety of other interesting things for my bedroom.

This is a huge ass clock.
It was a spendy day. I am enclosing a photo of my new ginormous flower clock that I put in my kitchen.... 

My kitchen theme is still roosters as it has been since 2001 ... but this time am adding more farm themed items too. The counter in my kitchen is a 1970s avacado green so after seeing that when I first checked out my new digs, I decided to bring in a LOT of reds. I'll post more photos at a later date, after I get off my lazy ass to unpack more goods.

Up next is my theatre themed bathroom. I also had this creation in my old place for four years... but now with a different structure, I can add a lot more gunk too. So being the ebay whore that I am, I bought five vintage looking movie posters to add to the bottom base board area on my bathroom wall. Posters bought were several Alfred Hitchcock movies and the original JAWS movie. I think I saw that flick when I was 8 or 9 years old and am still scared to swim in dark murky areas... even though the Dakota Territory is no where near any ocean!

I came home to my cozy home yesterday totally exhausted. Wiped out. I had enough gumption to set up my new pillow-top bed with my new comforter, my new (6) pillow cases and skipped supper altogether. I was too tired to do anything but watch CSI: Miami and 48 Hours Mystery.

Life is good.