February 20, 2011

sunday's manic madness

Some time between 3 or 4AM this morning, lightening and thunder struck the small rural prairie town I now call home. And sometime during those same hours, lightening struck the main hospital in the "city" I used to reside in causing all the computers in this here little area to all stop working. By the time I got to work at 7AM, I was told the very same thing. No computers. Not now and probably not for my entire ten and half hours of working I had ahead of me. I also had a very annoying know-it-all ex-spinster on my shift too. Why any sane man would marry her in the first place is beyond my wildest imagination. Why any really sane man would pick her out of a zillion other chicks to marry a 2nd time really blows my mind. But there she sat. Just. Staring. At. Me. And it wasn't even 7AM.

Jesus. Mother Fucking God.

I was in no mood to deal with her yet again. Yesterday was bad enough. Nearly 11 hours of her yapping nonstop and here we go again. Sunday. The Lord's Day of Rest. And me stuck with her. Stick a hot needle right into my eyeball. Now. I dare you.

And our computers were down till who knows when. We had no radio other than the cop radio and the ambulance one. And it was already 80 degrees in our teeny tiny quarters. My only saving grace was my good pal who was also on my shift.

The day was long and tiresome. Our lights went out twice before 9:30AM. Our generator took forever to kick in. My only concern at that given moment was "I hope the ice machine doesn't shut down again." Yeah, that's all I cared about. Me chomping ice chips.

Thankfully my mom called in before lunchtime just to make sure I was okay and we were all doing alright. How I wish I could have told her how much I hate the "know-it-all" and how I just wanted to scream. But I didn't. And couldn't have anyways as she was sitting. Right. Next. To. Me.

I got home 15 minutes after I clocked out. My long four and a half days of working are over. Two days to reboot then two and half more days till my four days off are here. Did I ever tell you how much I love my new work schedule? Yeah, I love it. It's the best ever. I work 10-1/2 hr days.... I get every Monday and Tuesday off no matter what. I don't work on Wednesdays until 2pm and am off 4-1/2 hours later. Then I work every Thursday and Friday and every other weekend. Is that the bomb or what???? 7AM to 6:30PM with an hour for lunch. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. One week I have 2 days off, the next I have 4 days off. Sure it's a hard job but it's always fun at times and very rewarding too. Except when I have to work with the Know-it-All. Everyone else are cool peeps. Well most are.

And the manic madness of the day full of ice and doom are almost over. And my relaxation will be here to enjoy and cherish.....and embrace. Now what color should I paint my fingernails this week?