February 26, 2011

nice compliment....

Logged on to facebook this AM and found this sweet note from a former coworker of mine:

Good Morning!!! The energy that you bring out everyday in your posts is wonderful! I can tell you are extremely happy in your life and it looks great on you. I couldnt be happier for you. I'm so ready for spring I could just spit!! take care my friend.....♥ 

My response back:

I never knew this kind of happiness or that life could be THIS fulfilling!!!! I go every day to my job and think "I am so blessed." Every day is something new, something I've never done before. It's so rewarding. And it's one of THE hardest jobs I've ever ever had to do. There are few meanies there but I do my best to just ignore them and carry on.... I've had bad days there but nothing compared to the shit ass call center which was daily even at the *******, that place sucked ass from the get go.

I have such an amazing amount of daily support there too.... and downsizing to such a COZY (aka SMALL) apt has been absolutely wonderful too. I'm not lying or kidding....

I've also never have enjoyed spending time with my mother so much like I have in the past 2 months....

Overall I just feel so much calmer, patience is a norm now...and my anxiety isn't high anymore either!

Who knew that moving to ******* of ALL Places to live could be just what God apparently had planned for me after all these years of trying to figure out my plan for living!!!!

Thanks for the note ♥