February 22, 2011


In mere hours (two) I will be sitting at my mom's kitchen nook eating a bowl or two or three of her delicious potato soup with mini-dumplings. She invited me to lunch. At her house. My old house. My childhood home. It's my second day off in a row. I work tomorrow at 2pm. My fridge looks nothing like her fridge. Nor do my cupboards or pantry or anything else for that matter except maybe, our toilet paper supply. We hoard toilet paper. Don't ask.

Afterward our yummy lunch, we are going to be headed to another tiny community to pay more on my soon-to-be new microfiber couch and ginormous ottoman. Her washer died and thus she needs to pick one out there too. The thing about my couch is .... last year at tax time, I got over $1500 back from Uncle Sam. Remember I didn't have much of a job. Well in 2010, my life was pretty much the same poverty stricken self that it was too. So in my mind, I had high hopes that I'd be getting approximately that much this time. So I decided to do the unthinkable and start spreading the cash around before I even knew what I was getting..... Can you hear that dreadful music???

Right. So. On February 25th, I'm getting exactly $76.00 back. Yup. Bird shit if you ask me. But, let's move on. $76 is better than nothing and it's better than having to pay IN. Anywho.... if it wasn't for my God-given artistic talent then I'd be more fucked than ever. I received a handsome check from an organization in the "city" I used to call home to create two large 16"x20" paintings -- I did this last year for them -- and they were excited and more than pleased to commission me again this year!

And I've done some other smaller commissioned paintings too. I think I have about $150 left to pay on the price tag of $689.00. But here's the thing with this quaint local shop.....

The owner is allowing me to have the ginormous ottoman thrown in with the gorgeous couch come delivery time and I can pay him monthly on it. I about crapped my pants when he said that. What other furniture joint would do that???? None.

I was born and raised in this here county on the prairie. He knows my family. And he trusts me. That's huge in my book. Trust. But I know he has a kind heart and he's a good business man. He's the same guy who sold my mom my new pillow top bed. He's the "good people" kind of people you wanna know. And trust.

So soon, I'll be putting on my Crocs and heading out the door. I'll drive 10 miles to my mom's warm house and we will eat the potato soup and gossip and discuss current events and what we thought of the Lifetime movie of The Amanda Knox story last night. And on our way we shall go....