February 27, 2011

scrabble anyone??

Besides actually showering, eating breakfast that led directly into lunch and then a snack....oh and putting on clothes, the only thing I've been doing today has been playing Scrabble on facebook. And listening to country tunes on CMT. Not quite sure why I never thought to play it in my birthday suit like these two bozos to my left. Perhaps one day.....I hope she put on sun screen though.

As for the country music, yeah ah....I guess I've always been in denial for actually liking the stuff. Not music. But the country kind. I really did Miranda Lambert and folks like the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill is okay but I like the newer groups. Sugarland is good. But that song about the house that Miranda chimes away on. Awesome. I love the melody. And it's a little bit sad. For me anyways...

My couch and ottoman arrived yesterday morning. Only after they took off my front door, my closet door, a wall hanging and the light fixture hanging down. Only THEN, did it fit. Just barely though. My other option was to get the big chair and the love seat. But it all worked out in the end. And I'm very happy about it all. The rug by the ottoman is also new but that came a couple of weeks ago when I got my new pillow top full size bed that my momma nicely purchased for me. I have $203 left to pay on the couch and I haven't paid a dime on the ottoman yet. How I'd love for the furniture guy to simply say to me, "It's on the house!" but I don't live in La-La Land. I have a few relatives who live there. In La-La Land I mean. So I'm playing Scrabble.

Hours now. I wanna lay on my new couch so badly but the living room doesn't have any curtains yet to make it dark in there and I just wanna veg out in darkness. Like Elvis liked. I got new curtains in my bedroom yesterday but they don't block enough light out so we're going to return them only when they go on sale.

And that could be a long time!!! I have a short supply now left to unpack and put places. I find the whole process of packing and unpacking annoying. All of this left over shit would go into the 2nd bedroom, had I had one here. But I don't. So now it just lingers on like a bad ugly scab on your knee.

I googled dumbass and this appeared.
I'm playing one game of Scrabble with this guy named Tony C. from down south. He spelled Mississippi with only one set of "s's" and then tried to tell me that's how they really spell the state. Ah, I'm not a dumbass. No, you don't. Another game is with a dude named Mikey. No adult man should ever be called Mikey in my eyes. I have 33 Scrabble games going on. I'm even playing my own mother.

I'm feeling now like I need a nap before I watch all the OSCAR hoopla on tonight. I still need to run uptown to grab my mail too that came from yesterday. See, the apartment complex I live in does NOT have mail access. I am in rural America and all around me (the houses) all have mailboxes by the road or by their driveways. Not this complex. We got nothing for mailboxes. So the town decided whoever lives here gets a free medium sized mailbox at the local Post Office uptown. On days like we've recently experienced: blizzards and ice storms and the like... I've actually had to face the nasty elements and motor over to get my mail. Sucks ass but it's something I've accepted living in this cozy environment.

And life goes on.