February 21, 2011

wasting the day away

Today is my day off. I woke up around 9:15AM and stayed in my pajamas till around 12:30 .... ate breakfast and lunch and remembered to take my glucose sugars. And then I have literally sat in front of the computer for the entire time playing Lexulous on facebook. I got a game going with someone in Belize, Melbourne Australia, few in Canada and someone in Missouri. Then I have many who refuse to even acknowledge that I am a human being playing a game of scrabble with them. Idiots. I have no gumption to do a damn thing today. Nada.

The ice storm has curtailed any option of leaving the house to do anything remotely fun. Like spending money or visiting my mom in her village. Everywhere it is icy and gross. And winter.

I also never got around to painting my nails. I've eaten an entire box of Girl Scout cookies too. Fuck. I've been drinking this Chinese diet tea for several months now and just ordered another box of it off of ebay for like $7.99. It works. It really works. IF you are near a toilet. That's the key ingredient. A porcelain toilet. Why you ask? Because it makes you shit. I suppose it works a lot like that new Ali drug. Cause they makes you almost shit your pants or so I'm told. But this tea is the bomb. I drink it as hot tea and as cold tea. Supposedly it works as a detox or something like that but you get the shits alright. From it. I mean. And you gotta be willing to drink it knowing you'll get the runs. I should know. I've lost 30lbs so far from it. I got about 100 to go but yeah I'm living proof.

Speaking of the shits... I am scheduled to get my very first colonoscopy done on March 14th. How fun will this be???? But it must be done and it's costing like $6,600 or more. For less than an hours time you have a tube up your ass... it's going to be roughly $7,000 to do it. But thankfully my health insurance has kicked in after nearly a year and a half without it. And my new place of employment offers a 50% employee discount of major services like that. So I won't be forking over THAT much but it'll still suck.