March 1, 2011

should i tattle?

I'm torn between doing the right thing and/or just ignoring something and turning the other cheek which basically is the same thing as ignoring the elephant in the room.

When I was first at my now not so new gig back in December 2010, I thought it'd be cool to "friend" all the coworkers there (stupid of me to think it was actually cool) but I did. And many days later, I went to cancel majority of the requests or simply unfriend everyone I friended. I'm notorious for doing this since 2004 when I first hooked up with the crazy sensation. Unfortunately for me, many had already accepted my facebook friendship and were telling me how excited it was that I was now at the same place of employment as they were. So I couldn't really defriend them, now could I?

Anywho, last month I was doing my normal stalking on facebook -- going through friends of friends' pages when I found one of a much younger new coworker of mine. He wrote where he worked, listed his job and then proceeded to blast everyone to the ground with the F*Bomb and saying basically what a shit hole it is to work there I was just hired.

Now someone of you have been reading my blogs since the beginning, also in 2004. And you all know what almost happened to me in 2004... I was almost dooced for it. (Google dooced if you don't know what it means). So here is the situation now....

A kid who just graduated from high school in 2008 has been working where I have been since 2006. He's in college studying psychology apparently. He is from my new village, his parents live here still, blah blah blah. Oh and he's super arrogant, cocky, the whole nine yards. And he's gay but pretending he's straight. I nailed him immediately on that nugget.

Anywho, I shared what I discovered with another coworker of mine who is like my Wonder Twin at work. She agrees with me that I should print out his facebook page and turn it into three people at work: HR, the CEO and our Corporate Compliance person.

Not wanting to be a meanie here but I actually VALUE the place I'm employed at. Granted he's what, 20, and I'm 43 but I still VALUE the place that just hired me and believe in the mission and all the Godly stuff that goes with it.

I motored to my mom's for lunch today. My printer isn't set up yet so I printed off his fb page with the nastiness he wrote about the people, the patients and about my other coworkers, my friends. He slams everyone!!! So here I am, typing about it because I don't know what to do about it. I do honestly feel the HR person, for sure, needs to know what he's blabbing about considering he did have to sign a confidentiality form to work where I work. He also definitely needs to just grow up too.

What would you do?