March 7, 2011


No more tension. Nada. That is how I have felt since I reported the "issue" to Corporate Compliance. I took a peek at this kid's fb page and all that nasty info he had on there for all to read is now gone. But he still listed his work place. Stupid boy.

Then I felt I needed to just "block" everyone from my current place of employment as an extra security measure too. As you all may know, sometimes things I say are often misunderstood and instead of asking me the meaning of something I've posted or said, people just assume the worse and not realize I am a full fledged member of the National Sarcasm Society and it was a joke.

Today is my day off, thankfully. Tomorrow and half of Wednesday too. A well deserved time for me. I had two grueling days at work that I just am slowly recovering from. And it's snowing on the prairie. Again. And cold as a butcher's freezer. Again.

I must MUST must start on my two commissioned paintings that I was hired to do last month. I set my due date to be at the end of March. They are for a Catholic church's annual spring Gala in the village I moved from. Last year my paintings were both auctioned off for over $250 a piece at their silent auction. This year I told them I needed a more substantial fee as each painting takes a good 7-8 hours to complete.

My agenda for the day as I sit here and type at 10:03AM....I plan to shower, eat some breakfast, finally put away the rest of my boxes from moving in end of January...and start drawing.... and get a nap scheduled in there too.

This feels like a lame diary entry. But I'm too tired to think of anything clever to harp on.