March 11, 2011

things to know about me

  1. I am the youngest of four siblings. The other three are a lot older than me. Growing up it felt like at times I was an only kid. I didn't like this feeling.
  2. When my mom finally leaves this planet, I really do not know how I will manage. I'm serious.
  3. I became a professional artist one week before my 40th birthday.
  4. I will be 44 on July 17th. People are always amazed when I tell them how old I am. Most think I'm in my late 20s or early 30s.
  5. I started blogging in late 2003.
  6. I do not have a best friend. I thought I did but realized very recently that she never was mine although I held her high up on a pedestal for decades. In the end, as well as in the beginning, she has always ignored me. And only wanted to be my friend when no one else was available.
  7. My favorite kind of music is disco. I like the beat and the clothes from the 1970s.
  8. I went to three colleges before finally graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Selected Studies with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. Sixteen years prior to graduating I went to college for graphic arts. I really wanted to be a computer animator in the beginning.
  9. My father died May 18, 1998 and my life turned around for the better. My mom and I have never been closer.
  10. Aquamarine or Teal blue is my all time favorite color. Pink is a close second. 
  11. I would really like to hear/see Rod Stewart in concert. When I saw the B-52s in concert, I got my hair done in a BeeHive and wore funky clothes like the girls in the band.
  12. I was a nanny for a Canadian Hippie couple in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1989-1990. It was the greatest time of my entire existance on earth. I took care of a 7-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy who I favored and loved dearly. I have never heard from them again. 
  13. I am an organ donor.
  14. Eye liner and mascara are the only types of makeup I wear to work.
  15. I sleep with an electric blanket.
  16. Since I was 19 (on and off) I've been coloring my hair.
  17. Once upon a time, I lived in College Station, Texas.
  18. While I am not religious, I love God and I worship Mary. 
  19. I love wearing big fluffy socks.
  20. Watermelon and Green Apple Jolly Ranchers are my all time favorite hard candy.
  21. I golfed all through high school and was on the varsity team. I was actually quite good back in the day. 
  22. I love gourmet hand tossed pizza.
  23. My only piercings are three holes in each ear lobe.
  24. I have toilet water blue eyes.
  25. I love Bath & Body Works lotions....currently Linen is my favorite scent. Twilight Woods is a close second in scent.
  26. I can eat an entire box of Peanut Butter Patties courtesy of the Girl Scouts.
  27. I am not a lesbian. And seeing girls kiss girls does absolutely nothing for me. 
  28. Happy by Clinque is my all time favorite perfume.
  29. Eternity for Men and Obsession are my favorite men scents.
  30. I absolutely LOVE Reality TV.
  31. I sold my queen-sized gorgeous sleigh bed for $80 in order for my mom to buy me a full-sized pillow top bed in my new apartment.
  32. I have been so fascinated with the Royal Family ever since Lady Di married Prince Charles.
  33. I did not vote for Obama. And I'm a democrat.
  34. I have always wanted to get a Saint Bernard and name him George. I will now settle for a Chihauhau and name him George.
  35. On Santa's wish list for the past several years I've always had down an electric toothbrush... when I finally got one this year, I used it just a few times and now, it's in the drawer. I feel bad because my mom thinks I still am using it. 
  36. I used to always wear bright red lipstick. Now I barely use a moisturizer on my lips.
  37. I have a lot of weird looking freckles and spots on my legs and arms ...I am scared I may have some sort of skin cancer. I'm too scared to get them checked out.
  38. I love love LOVE Culligan water with a ton of ice cubes in a big plastic cup.
  39. Laffy Taffy -- preferably cherry or grape are even with a big box of Milk Duds as my favorite candy.
  40. True crime is my favorite genre to read.
  41. I would love to meet crime writer Ann Rule some day.
  42. I have issues when people blow their nose around me and then they don't wash their hands afterwards.
  43. Same thing with people going to the bathroom and not washing their hands.
  44. Within the next three months I will have had a colonoscopy and a mammogram.
  45. I have been to every US state with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Those two places are on my Bucket List.
  46. So is white water rafting. And visiting the Tower of London.
  47. I wish Knots Landing was still on TV. In the mid 1980s that was my favorite show to watch. Before that, I dug The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.
  48. I now only wear Crocs to work, to play in, as slippers, to do laundry, to church...everywhere.
  49. I need to buy new underpants.
  50. I wear bifocals.
  51. I do not own an Ipod. Or a Wii. I still use my boom box from the mid 1990s. And it works great.
  52. I do not know how to properly balance my checkbook.
  53. I have cheated on many tests in my life.
  54. I have never been to jail. Or prison. Or reform school.
  55. I hate devilled eggs.
  56. I like black licorice.
  57. I have been in a haunted house before. 
  58. I hope to own a nice SUV some day. 
  59. I love wearring earrings. 
  60. I rarely go a day without wearing nail polish and I always have polish on my toe nails.
  61. Besides my birthday, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Then it's Groundhog Day. Seriously.
  62. Back in the late 1980s, I used to collect Swatch watches. At one time, I had over 20 of them.
  63. I have never given birth but deep down, I know I would have made an amazing mother. 
  64. I always say I do not have any regrets in my life, but I really do have them. Quite a few in fact.
  65. I used to be an award winning newspaper reporter. I really loved seeing my name in the bylines. Here's a regret: I never should have walked out and quit my job over the phone. 
  66. I love drawing and painting my whimsical art. I love the feeling when someone tells me how happy they were when someone else bought them a piece of my work. 
  67. Naps are my friend.
  68. But I'm terrified of the dark.
  69. And I still believe in the boogeyman.
  70. Popcorn is one of my all time favorite comfort foods. With butter and some sort of seasoning on top.
  71. I am happy to say I am not a hoarder.
  72. I am severly allergic to cats. My tongue swells, my eyes get puffy and I itch all over the place.
  73. Daily I take the generic form of Benadryl. I'm allergic to a lot of junk other than felines.
  74. I have never witnessed a murder. I hope I never have to.
  75. I am an awful bowler.
  76. And I cannot throw a softball to save my life. Even though as a child growing up in a small hamlet, I was on the summer girls softball team for many many years. They put me in right balls rarely ever were hit my way. (Much to my relief)
  77. As a kid, I swam on the local swim team too. That sport I was actually great at (back stroke and breast stroke)
  78. Every summer, I make a ton of homemade salsa and pico de galla. 
  79. I am a fan of hand sanitizer.
  80. I also am a fan of Meatloaf. The singer, not the food.
  81. My art company became trademarked on May 13, 2008 at the United States Patents & Trademarks in Washington DC.
  82. I have had long term pen pals since I was in the 2nd grade.
  83. While I don't like to touch them, I have a fondness for frogs.
  84. I used to have a fish bowl full of guppies. 
  85. When I was 5 years old, my family had our very first pet, a teeny tiny turtle we named Sammy.
  86. The pet I miss the most is our very beloved Fred. He was an Irish Setter. He is buried in my mom's back yard. He died when I was living in College Station, Texas.
  87. I have a lot of fears but I never let anyone know them. 
  88. I am addicted to dill pickles. 
  89. I am not fond of rhubarb.
  90. I used to work in the photo department at Wal Mart in 2005. I lasted four months.
  91. I have been back stabbed far too many times and now I fear female friendships.
  92. Crocs are about the only brand of shoe I wear.
  93. I have sleep apnea and I use a CPAP and wear a mask at night to sleep. I never sleep without it. I'm scared if I do, I will die in my sleep without the oxygen I desperately need.
  94. I now live in a town where I am related to about half of the 1200 population. But I've never socialized with any of them. Growing up as a child, my father wouldn't allow it. And now at the age of 43, I keep running into them and I barely can muster a hello to them. And I feel horrible about it.
  95. I love taking hot bubble baths.
  96. Back in 1994, I had to get braces. I wore them only for six months though.
  97. I wear a splash of perfume to bed. My theory of that is, if I die in my sleep, I do not want to stink! :P
  98. I am 100% Czech.
  99. I do not like to pet animals. 
  100. Snakes used to terrify me. Now only mice do.
  101. On my 11th birthday, I saw the movie GREASE in the movie theatre with my two friends, Susan and Stacy.
  102. I celebrate my birthday every year with some sort of party.
  103. I prefer my mom's Czech cooking over any other type of food on this planet.
  104. However, eating Chinese food is a close second for me.
  105. My favorite flower is a white daisy. Wildflowers come in second place for me.
  106. I have a threater-themed bathroom. 
  107. My kitchen is full of roosters.
  108. Mexican food is my third favorite food.
  109. I love going to antique shops.
  110. I used to own an 8 foot blow up Gumby.
  111. I do not like to wear lip gloss. I feel cheap.
  112. I adore Winnie the Pooh and Eyeore.
  113. I own a knock off Pillow Pet from China in the shape of a panda. I only paid $5.25 for it. I bought an identical one for my great-niece for Christmas.
  114. Since late 2004, I've been on facebook. When I first joined, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Now I'm addicted to it.
  115. Zombies rule the world, or so I think they do.
  116. People in general annoy me.
  117. I love ice chips.
  118. I have never considered myself a lady.
  119. I am grateful I was raised with high morals and amazing family values.
  120. I am a recovering Catholic.
  121. I hate eating fish. The taste makes me gag.
  122. I also hate cleaning house and doing mundane chores.
  123. My favorite snack is Dakota Style (made in South Dakota) sunflower seeds.
  124. A close second, is chips and dip.
  125. I adore children. I love how innocent they are and I love teaching them to draw.
  126. Libraries are my friend.
  127. I have been called a hermit before. And I embrace the term.
  128. In 1994, I had my gall bladder removed.
  129. My confirmation name is Jane.
  130. I hate saying the rosary but I love holding them at funerals. 
  131. I love shopping on ebay and Hobby Lobby for rare finds.
  132. Ben Stiller is one of my favorite actors. 
  133. So is Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear and Tommy Lee Jones.
  134. I never used to like Cameron Diaz but she's grown on me and now I adore her. 
  135. Granny Smith apples are the preferred apples for me. I love eating them with extra crunchy peanut butter.
  136. I lost my first grandma when I was 7 and by the time I was in the 5th grade, the other three died as well. I am so envious of all my friends my age who still have their grandparents. 
  137. I have a brother who is a Colonnel in the Army and I know nothing about him or his life. 
  138. I pay to have my eye brows waxed. Plucking them isn't a choice for me. The pain is too severe for me.
  139. I once dated a divorced dad with two kids who weren't his biological kids and had a psychotic ex wife. I will never ever date someone like that again. Ever. 
  140. I once lived in Lincoln and Wayne, Nebraska.
  141. And Wichita, Kansas. Yes, on purpose.
  142. As well as Bryan, Texas.
  143. Beverly and Salem, Massachusetts were also once places I called home.
  144. I can type over 75wpm.
  145. I only wear Cacique brand bras.
  146. I wish they never would have invented Day Light Savings Time. 
  147. My favorite number is 7.
  148. I am fascinated by trees of all kinds.
  149. I tend to walk away from all negative people. I just don't have time for them. 
  150. Milk chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate flavoring.
  151. I have a history of being Bulimic since 1990. I am not proud of this but it has never gone away.
  152. I don't like talking about my deep deep feelings to anyone including a therapist.
  153. I don't trust people who don't look you in the eye when talking.
  154. I am the same age as Sesame Street.
  155. Everything about the Titanic fascinates me.
  156. I love monkeys.
  157. Clementines are a fun fruit to eat.
  158. In 2005, I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. 
  159. I am not a fan of beer. 
  160. I try to be as truthful as possible no matter what the situation is.
  161. And I find humor in all things, including funerals and death and destruction. And mayhem.
  162. I address all of my mother's friends as Mrs.or Mr. So and So. I was taught incredible manners as a child.
  163. I am still friends with everyone I went to Kindergarten with (circa 1971-72).
  164. As much as I love living in all four seasons, I really really really hate cold icy winters like we get every single year.