March 6, 2011

tattoo me.

This is not one of mine!
I have three that I designed myself. And I waited a long long long time to get them. My first was done on 12/4/2004. I just realized at that moment that I did NOT need a MAN to fulfill my life and I was tired of ALL fucktits on this planet (Channeling Bridget Jones). So I designed a broken peace sign, with my childhood nickname written in teal blue in the center…and had the words: Strength, Truth, Wisdom, Laughter written around the black broken peace sign. This one is located on my lower back.

The 2nd one was done 2/2006 and it’s teeny tiny on my inside ankle on my right ankle… it’s off a stick girl with long curly hair holding a teeny tiny yellow star standing on a half moon…with the words “I am a moonchild.”

And lastly my third…when my art company became trademarked in Wash DC …I got a cartoon version of myself that I drew on my left outer calf leg with my company name above my cartoon self and my name below. I always said if I was ever murdered and cut to pieces, someone would be able to ID myself if they held up that part of the leg :)

I regret none of them and would like to add a 4th.