March 2, 2011

i did it.

I wish there was an option on here to write upside down. Because that's how I feel I should be writing. Like in shame or something. After a month of hoarding the info about my coworker's meanness of writing about how much he hates his job, how he hates us coworkers and how many times he used the F*bomb describing his job duties and everything else.... I bit the bullet and went to corporate compliance and told them what I had seen on facebook. I'm not trying to tattle or get this kid in trouble but I think they needed to know how disturbing the content of his angst was towards the place I actually love going to work at. As I was exiting the conversation with C.C., I begged them not to reveal my name. Of course, they said, no they wouldn't reveal anything. But in previous positions, when I've asked the very thing, they have always told who was the tattler. Writing upside down would be my answer for this post. Not to mention it'd be way cool. Carry on wayward son....