March 20, 2011

crunchy plus annoying

Am home for lunch yet again. Bored to death at work. We have a very low census today. And four of us are on duty. When we're like this, we all get the munchies. I opted to eat one of my favorite snacks: Corn Nuts - ranch flavored. The girls tell me they reek something awful but I cannot smell a thing when eating them. A local moron who comes up every single Sunday carrying fresh homemade donuts from our local bakery said he couldn't smell them either. He has one of the most annoying laughs too. But the girls just love him. Gack. I hate annoying people like that. But they tell me he used to be a patient of theirs and was there for over 6 weeks.... what I haven't told them is .... this moron is one of my relatives. I don't even think this freak knows this nugget and I'm not going to be the one to fill him in on this awful piece of news either. As much as I resent my controlling father for not allowing us kids to get to know our kin in the hamlet I now reside in, I guess I can count myself lucky for not having to grow up knowing this dude is my cousin until I was much much older and more wiser.


Cori said...

Haha! I agree - they are yummy! Similar to corn chips, Doritos, popcorn, garlic, etc., these TOTALLY stink if you're not eating them. As a defense, I always join in on the munching. It's really the only way around the major stank. :o)

Missing Matilda said...

If I die before you, bring me corn nuts every time you visit my grave :) or I will haunt you forever! LOL!!!!